Covid-19 and our commitment to health and safety

Whilst the health and safety of every child in our care has always been our absolute priority, we have implemented more stringent hygiene practices to protect our children, families and staff in light of COVID-19.

Hygiene Practices


Thrive conduct daily temperature checks of every child and educator, upon arrival and various intervals through out the day. Temperatures of 37.5c or above will medical clearance before returning to the centre.

Stay 1.5 metres away from other people whenever and wherever we can.

All children and parents are to use the hand sanitiser upon entry and exit of the centre. Alcohol-based hand gel are used and stored safely around children.

Parents are to buzz at doors for drop off and pick up for staff to attend to children. Parents are not entering our centre at present.

We are practicing good hand washing, cough and sneeze hygiene.

Staff lunch breaks are staggered to minimise crowding in our staff rooms.

Any planned activities outside of the service, such as excursions are temporarily on hold.

Anyone (staff and children) who is sick with influenza-like symptoms, even with mild symptoms, should not attend the centre.

Thrive ELC clean twice a day throughout the centre and high touch/traffic areas 3 times/day. All toys used for the day are cleaned daily.

We have also implemented monthly ZOONO antibacterial sprays across all surfaces. The ZOONO spray eliminates the spread and formation of any bacteria. Odourless and free of harmful chemicals it protects and lasts 30 days on surfaces.

If a child or staff member becomes ill while they are at the service, they should be sent home as soon as possible.
While awaiting collection by their carer, ideally, the symptomatic child should be cared for in an area that is separated from other children at the service. This is to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.

No external visitors are to enter a Thrive Centre.
In the event an external visitor is required to enter the centre, a health declaration form will be signed upon entry.

Get to Know the Thrive Education Team

Meet Merrylands Centre Leader, Miss Maggie.

We all know the critical work of early childhood educators in helping shape the future and wellbeing of Australian children. We want to take the time to recognise the wonderful educational team that strive every day to care, love, keep safe and ensure every child reaches their absolute potential for emotional, social and physical development whilst in their care.

Our feature this month recognises a powerhouse in our Thrive community, Miss Maggie Bazouni, Centre Leader of Thrive Merrylands. Not only does Miss Maggie have over 21 years experience in the sector, she is raising a young family of her own and is so dedicated in nurturing, challenging and developing her team.

Childcare centre

Tell us about your career background.

Straight out of school I knew this was the field I wanted to work in. I went to University to obtain my Bachelor of Teaching and decided to go in the Early Childhood Sector. I have been working in the field for 21 years. Over the course of my career and I have cherished the opportunity to lead teams in providing a high-quality service for our families and children.

Why is Early Childhood Education important to you?

I believe the early years are the foundation for a childs future development, providing a strong base for lifelong learning and developing abilities in all areas of life and education including social, language, emotional and cognitive skills. We are responsible for the success of a childs development in all facets of their life, and nothing is more important than encouraging that child to excel, reach their potential and nurture their individuality.

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What is one of your favourite things about working in Early Childhood Education?

My favourite thing about working in Early Childhood Education is watching the children grow and develop in a fun, play-based learning environment. I love watching the childrens smiles when they build on their achievements. It is so rewarding to see those same children in later years, and they remember who I am, it makes me believe that I have had an impact on their lives.

Share something positive and/or interesting about the Thrive Merrylands team.

Our Merrylands team is one of diversity, energy and passion. We each love to share our love for learning, our knowledge, interests and culture and work together to build a great environment for our children and their families.

My team come to work every day with the eagerness to plan, implement and engage with children in all areas by providing them with different opportunities for exploration and learning. Witnessing them have such a positive impact on the life and education of the children in our care is a reward in itself.

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