Academically Thriving

“The adventure of life is to Learn”

At Thrive Early Learning Centres we are focussed on making literacy and numeracy a part of everyday life and learning. Literacy and numeracy capabilities are important aspects of communication and are vital for successful learning across the curriculum.

Literacy is taught and expressed in a variety of ways, it incorporates a range of modes of communication including music, movement, dance, storytelling, visual arts, media and drama, as well as talking, listening, viewing, reading and writing.

In an increasingly technological world, the ability to critically analyse texts is a key component of literacy. Children benefit from opportunities to explore their world using technologies and to develop confidence in using digital media.

Children bring new mathematical understandings through engaging with problem solving. It is essential that the mathematical ideas with which young children interact are relevant and meaningful in the context of their current lives.

Learning experiences at Thrive build on a range of experiences with language, literacy and numeracy that children have within their families and communities.

Thrive staff are trained to create Positive experiences in literacy and numeracy and recognise how essential these are in forming and creating the platform for future successful learning.


Our pre schoolers at thrive-

Our pre- school program focuses on preparing your child for reading writing and arithmetic. The Thrive team embraces a child centred multi-sensory, phonemic awareness program called Jolly phonics along side an online partner called Reading eggs. These programs teach the five key skills of reading and writing by seeing hearing feeling and doing, giving children a sense of achievement. In this program children cover:

  • learning letter sounds;
  • learning letter formation;
  • blending;
  • identifying sounds in words; and
  • tricky words.

Both these programs are being taught in many primary schools and at Thrive we intend to use it in our centres to give children a headstart to their learning.

Our use of technology in the classroom to enable and assist in learning will not only make learning fun but will be a time where children look forward to the programs and concepts being reinforced or taught.

The academically thriving program not only embraces children’s abilities but we intend to further their knowledge and help children expand on their learning experiences.

We tailor all our programs so that children can relate to what is being taught and participate in a ways that harbour self confidence.

Parents will be provided with a checklist of things their chid can and can’t do so that we can work together on furthering their childs academic experiences.

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