Preschool Program

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School Readiness and Pre-Kinder Program

Our school readiness program assists each child to develop the foundations for lifelong learning by developing skills and abilities which give children the skills to learn effectively, take on new challenges with confidence and have a sense of belonging to the wider community in to which they are about embark.

Our pre- school program focuses on preparing your child for Reading, Writing and Arithmetic through out their every day experiences at Thrive.

The Thrive team embraces a whole child approach to teaching literacy this is why we use the multi-sensory, phonemic awareness program – Jolly Phonics. The program focuses on the key skills of Reading and Writing by Seeing, Hearing, Feeling and Doing, giving children a sense of achievement and success. In this program children cover:

  • learning letter sounds
  • learning letter formation
  • blending
  • identifying sounds in words

Mathematics is everywhere, Children will be learning and engaging in age appropriate Mathematical skills including counting, problem solving ,sorting and ordering shapes and objects . These activities will be incorporated in your childs everyday learning and become a part of their daily “learning for life” experience.


What is the Goal of the Thrive Pre-Kinder Program?

  • Familiarise children with the school environment and associated routines, tasks, rules and expectations within that environment
  • Successfully start school with confidence
  • Each child develops literacy and numeracy knowledge.
  • Develop a positive self – esteem
  • Develop the ability to co-operate in groups
  • Build oral and listening skills
  • Develop the ability to think, reason, question and experiment.
  • To support social and emotional development through positive guidance and interactions.
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills through age-appropriate activities and play

The academically thriving program not only embraces children’s abilities but will further their knowledge and help children expand on their learning experiences.

Thrive educators tailor all programs so that children can relate to what is being taught and participate in a ways that harbour self confidence.

Preschool Program