Daily Communication

We provide Centre-to-Family communication platform so families can maintain contact with their children’s experiences through photos, stories and learning outcomes.

Our Centres use KinderM8 and each family is provided with a secure login to access on their computers, mobiles or apps. KinderM8, an easy-to-use mobile app that helps childcare centre and educators stay better connected with families.

Our Educators use KinderM8 for recording and tracking daily events and activities in the classroom and managing administrative tasks. As a parent, you’ll get private, real-time updates on your child delivered to your mobile device throughout the day.

Daily Summary.
A real-time feed of activities throughout the day.

Learning Stories.
With our beautifully presented stories and observations, enjoy seeing your children progress towards milestones.

Photos and Videos.
Right to your mobile device.

Stay Connected.
Stay in touch with your educators and strengthen learning with activities at home.

Digital Check-in.
Easy digital check-in with your personal pin code, digital signature.

Leave notes for your educator when your child is sick or running late.

Quickly view upcoming events and important dates, stay up-to-date.


At Thrive, we focus on collaboration, community and celebrating diversity. We hold events to bring our families and community together. From Open Days to fundraisers and family gatherings, discover all of the events happening here.