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circle of security

Circle of Security at Thrive

Many people hear the term ‘The Circle of Security’, and many people perceive to understand what the Circle of Security really is. However, the key question is.. What does the circle of security look like in practice with young children? What is the circle of security? The Circle of Security is a foundational approach to […]

Language education at Thrive

Research on Language Development in the Early Years Research makes evident language development begins at the early age of 4 months old. However, unborn babies will also begin to hear and recognise sounds around 18 weeks of pregnancy. This exciting time of development first starts with baby recognising sound, and more specifically the sound of […]

Creative Arts in the Early Years

Creative Arts in the Early Years

Art is more than just painting or drawing. Rather, what we want to talk about today is creative arts! Creative arts involve music, dance, drama, media arts, and storytelling. It is important for children to have opportunities in these subject areas both separately and interchangeably. Through art, children create meaning, hence why there are many […]

Digital Technology at Thrive

Digital Technology at Thrive As part of our Thrive Early Learning Curriculum, we utilise the ELLA Program. ELLA is a digital, play-based language learning program for preschool children. The benefits of learning languages and culture with the ELLA Program include: • Improved language skills • Larger vocabulary • Better general language learning  • Improved reading and […]

Thrive Celebrates Culture with Chinese New Year 2022

At Thrive Early Learning Centres celebrating cultural diversity and building strong relationships with our local communities are a critical element of our Thrive Curriculum. We also recognise our critical role in supporting the attitudes and behaviours that demonstrate respect for diversity and difference. All children have a right to experience a sense of belonging in […]

Socially Thriving

Thrive’s Head of Education & Pedagogy…Meet Teagan Armstrong!

We are extremely proud to announce the appointment of Teagan Armstrong, Head of Education and Pedagogy. Over the coming weeks, Teagan will spend time in our services visiting and meeting our wonderful team of educators and understanding the Thrive way. Get to know a bit about Teagan “My name is Teagan Armstrong and I am […]