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Creative Arts in the Early Years

Creative Arts in the Early Years

Art is more than just painting or drawing. Rather, what we want to talk about today is creative arts! Creative arts involve music, dance, drama, media arts, and storytelling. It is important for children to have opportunities in these subject areas both separately and interchangeably. Through art, children create meaning, hence why there are many […]

Digital Technology at Thrive

Digital Technology at Thrive As part of our Thrive Early Learning Curriculum, we utilise the ELLA Program. ELLA is a digital, play-based language learning program for preschool children. The benefits of learning languages and culture with the ELLA Program include: • Improved language skills • Larger vocabulary • Better general language learning  • Improved reading and […]

Thrive Celebrates Culture with Chinese New Year 2022

At Thrive Early Learning Centres celebrating cultural diversity and building strong relationships with our local communities are a critical element of our Thrive Curriculum. We also recognise our critical role in supporting the attitudes and behaviours that demonstrate respect for diversity and difference. All children have a right to experience a sense of belonging in […]

Socially Thriving

Thrive’s Head of Education & Pedagogy…Meet Teagan Armstrong!

We are extremely proud to announce the appointment of Teagan Armstrong, Head of Education and Pedagogy. Over the coming weeks, Teagan will spend time in our services visiting and meeting our wonderful team of educators and understanding the Thrive way. Get to know a bit about Teagan “My name is Teagan Armstrong and I am […]

Kids stocking up Thrive Community Pantry

Kids Give Back with our Thrive Community Pantry

The connection of a Community Pantry to our Thrive Curriculum! At Thrive Early Learning Centres we know Early Childhood years are the most critical to a childs development. In these formative years our Educators have an obligation to create settings where children belong, experience respectful friendships with children from various backgrounds and learn how to […]

Meet Rachna our Thrive Early Learning North Ryde Centre Leader!

Tell us about your career background I was born in Delhi, India and lived there with my family. I completed my studies from University of Delhi and taught HSC classes in a convent school for 8 years. Once married I stayed in Delhi until my son was born. Thereafter, I migrated to Sydney with my […]